porn and brain

The influence of porn on your mental health

Studying porn xnxx and determining its effects on health are difficult tasks, experts say. This is because several parties – neurobiologists, psychologists, sociologists and others – are dealing with the issue, and their methodologies and study cohorts can vary greatly.

A big question about the big picture has to do with how safe it can be – scientifically – that the consumption of pornography is causally related to the various damages identified in the resolution, “Paul J. Wright told Fox News. , associate professor of psychology, socialization and use of media at Indiana University Bloomington. To answer this question, one would have to identify a philosophy of the cause with which everyone agrees, standards for acceptable evidence, and then participate in systematic reviews of the literature associated with each hypothetical damage. In short, this would be a monumental effort, and would probably lead to some disagreement among scientists, because although the promise of science is consensus, scientists rarely reach a 100 percent agreement on something. ”

Can pornography be addictive?

In its proposed legislation, Virginia lawmakers claim that pornography is “addictive,” promotes the normalization of rape, may diminish the “desire to marry” and “equates violence with sex,” encourages “group sex.” , “Risky sexual behavior” and infidelity, among other effects. Dr. William Struthers, a professor of psychology at Wheaton College, a Christian liberal arts institution west of Chicago, said that while many of the principles of the legislation “seem reasonable enough,” another challenge facing researchers is that technology is surpassing scientific studies.


Any type of pornographic research is incredibly muddy,” Struthers told Fox News. Much of the research that is being used was published 20 to 25 years ago, and that is very different from the pornography that is being consumed by young people now. The unfortunate truth is that we can not keep up with the pornography that is taking place. ”

When it comes to alcoholism, gambling and drugs, the answer is clear: addiction exists. Studies show a clear association between these behaviors and alterations in brain chemistry, which is combined with the effects of physical abstinence if the given behavior is restricted. But “there really is no science that demonstrates that pornography is in itself harmful and addictive,” Ian Kerner, a licensed psychotherapist and sexual counselor, told Fox News. “That has not been, in my opinion, scientifically or clinically proven.”

Rather, Kerner argued, excessive viewing of pornography often presents as a comorbidity with another health problem, such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder.


Men who spend a lot of time looking at pornography on the Internet appear to have less gray matter in certain parts of their brains and suffer a reduction in their brain activity, according to a German study published on Thursday.

“We found an important negative link between seeing pornography for several hours a week and the volume of gray matter in the right striatum of the brain,” as well as the activity of the prefrontal cortex, write the scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

“These effects could include changes in neuronal plasticity resulting from intense stimulation at the heart of pleasure,” the study said in the online edition of the journal “JAMA Psychiatry” of the American Medical Association.

Research about the porn influence:

The authors, however, could not prove that these phenomena were directly caused by the consumption of pornography and, therefore, affirmed that it was necessary to continue with inquiries. But, secondly, or study, a first indication of the existence of a relationship between attending pornography and reducing the size of the brain as a reaction to or sexual stimulation is provided.

In order to carry out research, the authors recruited 64 Homens Saudáveis ​​commu nities from 21 to 45 years old, four years ago to answer a question about tempo that they will devote to assisting pornographic videos. Or result foi, em média, of four hours week.

Volunteers are also submetered to a magnetic resonance imaging test to measure their volume and observe as a reactive pornographic image.

In two cases, as many pornographies as individuals, more diminished or striated corpora of brain, a small nervous structure of cerebral cortex.

Scientists will also observe that, the greater the consumption or consumption of pornographic images, the more connections will be made between the corpus striatum and the frontal cortex, which is the external layer of a brain in charge of behavioral and decision-making.



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